Essential Hoof Oil
Essential Hoof Oil
Essential Hoof Oil

Essential Hoof Oil

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Our Essential Hoof Oil combines a luxurious blend that was carefully selected to enhance the hoof by relieving soreness, protecting against thrush and boosting circulation to promote growth. 

1 pint


Organic Sunflower Oil

Therapeutic Grade: 

Lavender Oil calming, anti-bacterial

Thyme Oil boosts circulation, relieves thrush

Rosemary Oil insect repellent

Lemongrass Oil draws out soreness 

Tea Tree Oil relieves thrush, anti-fungal 

Eucalyptus Oil draws out soreness 

Grapefruit Oil mild detoxifier, relieves stress

Directions: Apply to bottom side and outer wall of dry, clean hooves once daily. 

Caution: Do not apply on or around horse’s eyes or ears. Do not ingest or allow your horse to ingest. Keep out of reach of children.

Our products are compliant with FEI Clean Sport standards.