Lavender to calm the nervous horse (and human)

We have a certain horse in our barn that shall remain nameless, but every time we hook the trailer up to the truck he stands in the back corner of his stall and nervously bangs his head against the wall. It’s heartbreaking to watch. We found that a few drops of lavender applied just under his eyes with a tapping motion allows him to drop his head and relax, and honestly, this simple application works wonders.

Lavender, is widely known for its relaxation properties, but is also wonderful to treat burns, cuts and scratches as well as abscesses, muscular pain and general inflammation. When applying to the horse for relaxation purposes, it can be dabbed under the eyes using a gentle tapping motion as mentioned above, applied to the poll or on the chest.

When using lavender to treat cuts or abscesses on your horse or on yourself, I find it’s best to slightly dilute with a carrier oil such as coconut or grape seed oil. It can also be diffused for a calming scent, which is wonderful in the barn.We recommend using only 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. Our organic hoof oil contains lavender for the antibacterial properties, which will help keep thrush and other inflammation issues at bay.

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